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Apple makes profits of 1.58 billion dollars and sells 2.3 million Macs

For the quarter ended December 31, Apple reported a profit of $ 1.76 per share on revenue of $ 9.6 billion. Earnings per share reached 54 percent over the quarter of the previous year, with a profit of 35 percent.

Apple’s earnings for the quarter beat Wall Street analysts’ estimates. According to Thomson Financial, analysts expected Apple to earn $ 1.62 a share on total sales of $ 9.47 trillion.

On the profit of 1,580 million dollars, Apple has indicated that 2,319,000 Macs have been sold, representing a unit growth of 44 percent and a 47 percent profit over the same quarter of the previous fiscal year. Sales of Mac hardware, software and services accounted for 47 percent of Apple’s total profits for the fiscal quarter.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer has described Mac sales as “very robust,” with desktop sales showing continued growth of 53 percent, driven by the renewal of the iMac range over the past month. August. Mac laptop sales are supposed to reach 38 percent compared to the same quarter last fiscal year.

Apple reported a $ 170 million profit on the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard update, released last October. Oppenheimer has described that figure as a “significant increase” over the $ 100 million in sales made with Mac OS X 10.4 during the first quarter of its publication. The company estimates that 19 percent of its installed base is using the 10.5 update.

22 million iPod and 2.3 million iPhone

Apple also sold 22,121,000 iPods throughout the quarter, which is also a record. Sales figures for the quarter represent five percent unit growth and 17 percent profit growth over the first fiscal quarter of 2007.

These iPod sales represent the first full quarter of sales since Apple revamped the iPod line in September, with the introduction of the video-capable iPod nano, the high-capacity iPod classic and the new iPod touch. Apple indicates that the market share for the iPod remains consistent from last year.

Oppenheimer has suggested that beyond slow growth in iPod sales, Apple’s technical advance in the iPod product line will continue to fuel demand for the product. “We believe that one of the future directions for the iPod is to become the premier mobile Wi-Fi platform,” Oppenheimer said.

units sold during apple's first quarter

IPhone sales for the quarter were 2,3150,000 units. Steve Jobs stated last week during the Macworld Expo presentation that the company had sold 4 million units of iPhones since the device was launched on January 29. Oppenheimer has confirmed that Apple still plans to bring the iPhone to Asia in 2008, as well as introduce the phone in other countries in Europe. Currently the iPhone is sold in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, as well as in the United States.

Oppenheimer has indicated that Apple has made a total profit of 241 million for the iPhone during the first fiscal quarter. Deferred profit for the iPhone was 1.4 trillion, compared to 636 million at the end of the September quarter.

International sales account for 45 percent of quarterly profit, according to the company.

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