Cómo Conseguir Apple Music Gratis

Apple How to Get Apple Music for Free Is it possible? Currently, what is most used to listen to music …

Currently what is most used for listening to music are the applications we find in storesTo be able to enjoy it we have to be connected to the Internet. But in most cases it is necessary to pay a certain amount per month to be able to enjoy all the content that the application has, something that is quite annoying in itself.

You no longer have to worry if you have an iPhone or iPad since you can enjoy Apple Music Free. As? I will tell you step by step how you have to do to be able to enjoy this application without costs and for a long time, although beforehand I will tell you a little more about it so you have no doubts about having it on your mobile.

What is Apple Music Free about

This is a music app very similar to Spotify, the difference is that Apple Music It is not so well known and has many more songs. It is for this reason that many people try to get it for free, although do not worry we will talk about that later. Returning to the features of this application, I can tell you that with it you can listen to all the songs found in iTunes.

One of the best things it has is that you can download any song you like, this way you can listen to it every time you don’t have internet or if you ever want to send the file to dedicate it to someone. What they hope to achieve is personalize your experience to the maximum for that. they developed an option called “For you”, there you will find music that may interest you according to Apple Music. They make this list based on everything you’ve been hearing.

Now, you will not only find playlists and albums, You can also find radio stations, which are managed by the best DJs from around the world. It is definitely the application you have to have on your mobile, so just follow the following steps to enjoy Apple Music for Free.


How to get Apple Music for Free

If you already have the application installed on your mobile then much better, but if it is the opposite, do not worry because it is quite simple download Apple Music. You just have to enter the store, look for the app and press download, you wait for the process to finish and that’s it.

Once you have the application you are going to do the following:

  1. You will enter the application settings
  2. Then you will select iTunes and App Store
  3. Now press Apple ID
  4. You will see the Apple ID and you will open a session.
  5. At the top you will see an option that says manage, press it
  6. Then go and turn off Apple Music Auto Renewal
  7. Opens the music tab in iTunes
  8. Now select iTunes Store and press account
  9. Then log in.
  10. Tap on Manage in Settings
  11. When you do it will appear Apple Music at the top of the screen
  12. Finally press edit and adjust the renewal options