Maria Montero

Apple finally adds TRAI & # 039; Do not disturb…

At the center of the ongoing dispute regarding privacy issues between Apple and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the tech giant has finally relented and started hosting the regulator’s “Do Not Disturb” (DND) app on iOS App store.

The DND app essentially allows users to report spam numbers and sign up for a “do not call” registry to be freed from constant telemarketing calls. The application has been available to Andriod users since 2016. iOS users can install the application here. However, to install the app, you need to make sure you have the latest version of iOS 12.1 installed.

TRAI DND app logo.

Interestingly, however, as report by Money control points out, in the TRAI DND application on iOS, currently, when you try to add a number to the “Do not call” record, it tells you: “The registration of the mobile phone number under DND will take up to 07 days after placing the request with the respective telecommunications service provider “.

The TRAI DND application.

The TRAI DND application.

Apple had previously refused to put TRAI’s DND app on its App Store, citing privacy concerns as the app accesses people’s messages and call logs. However, in July this year, the regulator threatened to ban iPhones from Indian networks if Apple did not approve the app before January 2019.

Apple is known for protecting the privacy rights of its users against even the largest organizations. An example of that is the 2016 San Bernadino terrorist attack, when Apple rejected a demand from the US government to unlock an iPhone used in the attack. Apple CEO Tim Cook had said at the time that the decision was a defense of civil liberties.