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Apple could get 900 million dollars thanks to CS3

Adobe has confirmed the presentation of the next version of Adobe CS3 for next March 27, the day in which it will offer details about the new features incorporated into PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator and other tools in what the company itself has described as “the Greatest Software Presentation in Adobe’s 25 Years “.

The current CS2 version bases its operation on Apple’s Rosetta emulation technology, so that it can run on Macs based on Intel processors. The next CS3 version, however, will run on these Macs natively, thus offering a substantial increase in application performance.

The CS3 version also has an important Apple effect for Apple, as Gene Muster (senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray) has indicated. As he writes in a note to his customers, “There are many professional users who were waiting for this release to update their PowerPC equipment.”

Munster indicates that a survey of creative Mac users in 2006 provides a market estimate for Adobe tools of around 3 million users. Considering an upgrade rate to a new Mac Pro or MacBook Pro of 15 percent on that basis, Apple could sell an additional 450,000 units in response to the CS3 run.

“These additional drives could also increase margins, as the higher-end Mac Pro and MacBook Pro models offer higher margins compared to all other Apple products.”

Although Adobe has indicated that the CS3 will not be available until late spring 2007, Munster puts availability around April 21, which is a three-week window after the initial announcement on March 27.