Maria Montero

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the student program …

For the past In just a few years, Apple has invited student developers to attend its WWDC conference, which focuses on development and software topics. Some students from this year’s batch are getting more personal attention from Apple as you try to raise awareness of the coding program and literacy through Swift Playgrounds and other resources for students and teachers.

However, most of those students won’t get a surprise personal visit from CEO Tim Cook, Which is what happened this week when Lyman High School student Liam Rosenfeld arrived at the Apple Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida. Liam was there to participate, he thought, in an interview with me and a local reporter from the Orlando Sentinel about his admission to the program.

As a surprise, and recently released at SAP. At the Sapphire conference to announce an expanded partnership, Cook visited the store to greet employees and to spend time with Liam and his teacher, Mary Acken.

I was available to spend time with Liam, to talk to him about his coding experiences in high school and shipping in a global app store. I also spoke with Cook about coding literacy, the SAP partnership, and some other cool topics.

The conspiracy was set for Wednesday afternoon, and the store was an ideal gathering place due to its approximate proximity to the conference and the airport. Liam arrived earlier than expected and some interference had to be interrupted to keep Cook’s appearance and surprise a secret.