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Apple announces new record of results with sales of 1,764,000 Macs in the third quarter

The company also sold 9,815,000 iPods during the quarter, which represents a growth of 21 percent over the same quarter of the previous year.

270,000 iPhone in 30 hours

Although it has been said that Apple sold more than half a million units in the first weekend that the phone was on sale, for now, the manufacturer has only declared the sale of 270,000 units during the 30 hours that it has been on sale in the quarter to which these results refer. Steve Jobs has only pointed out that they expect the next quarter to reach the figure of one million units: “The iPhone has had a phenomenal start (we hope to sell the iPhone number one million at the end of its first quarter on sale) and our portfolio of new products in preparation is very strong, “said Jobs.

These results are compared to sales of $ 4,370 million (€ 3,184 million) and net profit of $ 472 million (€ 344 million) or $ 0.54 per share, obtained in the same quarter of the previous year. The company’s gross margin has been 36.9 percent, up from 30.3 percent in the preceding fiscal year. Forty percent of quarterly sales have been made by Apple outside the US.