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Apple announces new iLife "08 and iWork "08 with spreadsheet

iLife ’08 incorporates a major new version of iPhoto and a completely new iMovie application. iPhoto ’08 automatically organizes photo libraries into Events allowing the user to more easily sort and manage their growing photo collections, and iMovie ’08 debuts an entirely new ability for users to quickly create and share movies over the Internet. . Both iPhoto and iMovie are tightly integrated with the new .Mac Web Gallery, a new service from Apple for .Mac subscribers that enables them to create and maintain stunning online websites for their photos and videos. iLife ’08 also incorporates iWeb ’08, with dynamic web widgets, such as Google Maps, that allow users to create even more “live” websites; and GarageBand ’08, with its new Magic GarageBand capability that makes it remarkably easy and fun for musicians and non-musicians alike to create great songs.

iPhoto: better organization and more possibilities to share

iPhoto ’08 automatically groups all photos into Events, each containing an entire day’s worth of photos and represented by a single photo. Users only have to move the mouse over an event to instantly browse all the photos. Users can split an event corresponding to a single day into multiple events, such as a birthday party in the morning and a wedding in the afternoon; or they can also combine events from different days into a single event, such as a ski weekend. Users can hide photos they don’t want to see every day, but don’t want to throw away; and its unified search capability allows you to instantly search and locate photos across all Events, by rating, date and keywords. Users can also produce framed printed photos on their home printer thanks to new themes or photo templates designed by Apple. And they can order souvenir photo books with custom covers and professional-quality binding directly from iPhoto; with elegant printing foils and even with flexible cover and spiral binding for easy browsing; as well as new larger wall calendars.

iMovie ’08, straight to YouTube

With iMovie ’08, Apple’s movie-making program has been completely reinvented so users can rediscover and enjoy their video collection, create movies in minutes instead of hours, and share their movies with family. , friends or with the whole world in the blink of an eye. iMovie ’08 can import video from the latest AVCHD, HDV and DV cameras, as well as digital cameras, and view the user’s entire video collection, whether stored on internal or external drives. Users can preview any of their video clips by simply moving the mouse over the clip to scan it back and forth at any speed; even at speeds higher than real time. They can also select video as easily as selecting text, making a movie by simply dragging the selected video over a project, adding a soundtrack from iTunes, adding voiceovers, special effects and cinematic titles. iMovie ’08 makes it very easy and with a few clicks for the user to enjoy movies on an iPod, iPhone or Apple TV, or share them with the whole world on YouTube.

For .Mac service members, Apple is also introducing the spectacular .Mac Web Gallery. The new Web Gallery debuting on .Mac is seamlessly integrated with iPhoto ’08 and iMovie ’08, and allows users to share their photos and movies via the web with just a few mouse clicks. The .Mac Web Gallery automatically creates a website containing photo and movie galleries that can be viewed from any modern computer or iPhone. Photos can be downloaded and printed with sizes up to 16×20 inches and movies can be viewed with a resolution higher than that of a DVD.

iWeb ’08: better galleries and integration with Google Maps

iWeb ’08 brings new capabilities to make websites more interactive, adding dynamic and active web widgets, such as Google Maps, personalized ads using Google AdSense, and photos or movies from .Mac Web Galleries. Users can also add Internet video, news headlines, weather information and much more from any website that supports HTML snippets. A new ‚ÄúMy Album‚ÄĚ page template allows users to easily organize multiple photo and video albums on a single index web page. The new iWeb includes a whole host of beautiful new Apple-designed themes that users can modify and adapt at any time to experiment with different web page layouts, even after the website has been published. Subscribers to the .Mac service can now host iWeb websites using their own personal domains.

GarageBand ’08: your marching band four clicks away

GarageBand ’08 debuts Magic GarageBand, a fun and easy way to create songs for musicians and non-musicians alike. Users can choose from nine musical genres and interact with a band of “musicians” on a virtual stage, selecting an instrument and a musical passage for each performer, thus creating thousands of possible musical combinations. The user can join by playing a built-in software instrument or record their voice singing along with their own music. The new GarageBand also offers powerful new capabilities for advanced musicians, including multi-take recording to capture the best performance, arrangements for cutting, copying and pasting intros, choruses and choruses, and support for 24-bit audio interfaces.

Price and availability

iLife ’08 is available at the recommended price of EUR 79 (VAT included) in the Apple Store on the Internet ( and in the Apple sales channel in Spain. iLife ’08 requires Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later, a Macintosh computer with an Intel processor, PowerPC G5 or PowerPC G4, QuickTime 7.2 or later, DVD drive for package installation, and 3 GB of free disk space. Web: