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Aperture and Lightroom issues with Leopard

Recently, Apple and Adobe have published a series of notices about their respective applications for the management and cataloging of digital images: Aperture and Photoshop Lightroom.

Although most Adobe applications, with the exception of Acrobat Professional, are initially prepared to run on Leopard, it seems that a number of problems have been encountered in the execution of Photoshop Lightroom, including some related to the module of impression.

As Tom Hogarty points out on the Lightroom blog, Lightroom Product Manager, most of the issues are minor in character, and will be fixed in an update due out around mid-November.

Hogarty has also indicated that he is trying to understand what happens when Lightroom accesses its Catalog file (which contains the information about the operations applied to the images in the Library) while Leopard’s Time Machine feature is running.

“At the moment we do not know the interaction that occurs between [la característica] Leopard’s Time Machine and Lightroom catalog files. Until we get more information, it is not recommended to run Time Machine backup or restore operations while Lightroom is in use. ”

Aperture and Time Machine

Aperture has been updated to version 1.5.6 to provide compatibility with Leopard. It has been working properly and I have not seen any information regarding any serious problems, but an Apple Knowledgebase document published last week recommends using manual settings for backup and restore in Time Machine when using Aperture. Similar to Adobe’s comment, Apple suggests that the interaction between Time Machine and Aperture could be harmful, initially when Aperture is writing to its primary database file.

“If you use Time Machine with Leopard, be sure to configure your computer so that Time Machine only performs manual backups. Avoid creating backups or restoring while Aperture is running.”