Maria Montero

Apeel Partners with Nature’s Pride to Bring Fruit to Europe …

Apeel Sciences, the developer of a new technology that makes fruits and vegetables more resistant to spoilage, and Nature’s Pride, one of the largest suppliers of avocados and mangoes in Europe, are partnering to bring avocados from longer duration.

Subject to regulatory approval in the EU, Nature’s Pride said it will integrate Apeel’s plant-based preservation technology into its avocado supply chain, bringing avocados with twice the edible shelf life to European households.

Apeel’s technology takes naturally occurring chemicals found in plant skins and peels and applies them to fresh produce, providing what the company calls “a little extra skin” that slows the rate of skin loss. water and oxidation, causing vegetables and fruits to spill. .

The company says its produce will stay fresh two to three times longer than untreated produce. Apeel says its technology can lead to more sustainable growing practices and less food waste.

Across Europe, 88 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year, at a cost of 143 billion euros (or approximately $ 163 billion dollars).

As part of the agreement with Nature’s Pride, Apeel Sciences is introducing a co-branded label with the European fruit supplier.

Founded in 2012 with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help reduce post-harvest food loss in developing countries that lack access to refrigeration, Apeel Sciences is supported by a large number of investors, including them Andreessen Horowitz, Viking Global Investors, Upfront Ventures, S2G Ventures, Powerplant Ventures, DBL Partners, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development and the Rockefeller Foundation .