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APEC 2019 focuses on the needs of the power engineer …

The APEC 2019 conference begins today in Anaheim, California. See what’s in store and stay up to date with the latest energy engineering news from AAC’s Kate Smith and Mark Hughes who reported on the conference throughout the week.

What is APEC?

APEC, the Applied Power Electronics Conference & Expo, is the premier global power electronics event, focusing on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. Sponsored by the IEEE and the Power Source Manufacturers Association, this is not just a designers’ conference as it has points of interest for anyone involved in power electronics.

However, APEC is primarily focused on the needs of the practicing power engineer. Specific components, processes and solutions are the main focus of the program. Even the RAP sessions – the closest thing this show has to classic keynote addresses – focus on solid technical discussion.

APEC 2019 Conference. Image courtesy of APEC.

The possible exception at this year’s conference is a focus on the slow but growing field of automotive electrification and how it has the potential to change what power engineers will do in the future.

With an extraordinary number of offerings, even an assistant with relatively narrow interests within energy engineering will have a difficult time assimilating everything on offer. All About Circuits is pleased to offer this brief overview of APEC 2019, focused on how the program aims to help engineers with challenges and opportunities in power applications.

Sessions and Events

APEC has organized all conference sessions and events on eight separate tracks, with a large number of overlaps between tracks.

• Seminars for exhibitors

The exhibitors describe how their products and services can help solve problems that power engineers may encounter. A list of the seminars can be found here.

• General Conference Events

• Industry Sessions

Industry sessions cover topics of immediate and long-term interest to the practicing power electronics engineer.

• Full sessions

Important issues and challenges that are relevant to the entire electrical engineering community, with specific topics for each individual session.

• Professional Education Seminars

The professional education seminars at APEC 2019 address the need for in-depth discussion on important and complex topics in power electronics.