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Ansmann P-10d pro and P-100: battery grips for Pentax and Samsung cameras

The P-10d pro battery grip is compatible with the Pentax K 10 d and Samsung GX 10. Its design adapts to both cameras, the additional trigger offers optimal handling in large format photos, as well as in the front line in portraits and in sport. The set contains a second Li-50 B battery pack, which together with the original battery achieves approximately twice the operating time of the camera (1,000 photos).

For its part, the P-100 model is a battery grip for the Pentax K 100 D and Pentax K 100 D super that manages to offer a range of up to 2,000 photos. Offering a handle shape, it has been specially designed for users with large hands and suitable for large format photos and when using telephoto lenses. The set includes a mains power supply and a 12 V vehicle power supply, while its charging time is 3 hours.

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