Erica Flores

Anker undermines Apple with new USB-C to Lightning cable

Apple has just started sanctioning official third-party USB-C cables to Lightning under its MFi program, and this might have the best reason to exist. Anker has announced the PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning Cable, which at a cost of $ 15.99 is cheaper than Apple’s official $ 19 equivalent. The three foot long white cord also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Many MFi USB-C to Lightning cables have been announced since CES, but offerings so far from companies like Belkin, Griffin, and even Anker have focused on things like braiding and durability, making them more expensive. . $ 20. Price is one of the main reasons people flock to companies like Anker in the first place, so anything that lowers the ceiling for trusted brand products is good news.

Anker is taking orders for PowerLine II now, and the cable should start shipping by the end of the month. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which may not have particularly long use if Apple ends up switching to USB-C on the iPhone.