Erica Flores

Anker is making USB-C to Lightning cables

CES saw early USB-C to Lightning cables breaking the coverage of companies like Griffin and Belkin, and now popular ion stimulation device provider Anker has confirmed that it is entering the game. The company claims (via 9to5Mac) that its Powerline cable will have “a bend life greater than 5 times higher than any other cable on the market”, while the Powerline + will gain additional strength through a braided aluminum and nylon jacket.

Anker is also releasing a female USB-C to Lightning cable that is primarily designed as an audio adapter, allowing you to use Lightning headphones with USB-C devices like the new iPad Pro or recent Apple laptops. The USB-C to Lightning cables will go on sale in March starting at $ 20.99 and the audio adapter will follow next month with TBC pricing.

USB-C to Lightning cables can quickly charge the latest iPhones when paired with a USB-C PD compatible charger like Apple’s new 18W power adapter or Anker’s tiny Atom PD 1, which goes on sale tomorrow. . Apple first released its own USB-C to Lightning cable in early 2016 to enable fast charging on the iPad Pro. However, it never approved third-party versions, and three years later, the original primary use case no longer now applies that the iPad Pro does not have a Lightning port. On the other hand, these cables can now also be used to charge an iPhone from an iPad Pro, so that’s it.