your browser seems a bit outdated

Android Solution your browser seems a bit outdatedMEGA, is one of the largest sites to host your files …

MEGA, is one of the largest sites to host your files in a free way, in the cloud, and distribute it with other usersThere is also the fact of the incomparable high download speed, also, if we register on the official website we will obtain many more advantages and functionalities, this being a free account and not a premium one. This is when we find ourselves in big trouble when we can’t download thanks to this error. “your browser seems a bit outdated”.

your browser seems a bit outdated

Your browser seems a bit outdated

But nevertheless in these times too many users, have problems when entering to download in, where an error appears likeYour browser seems a bit outdated“so many people are left without downloading anything from MEGA, For this reason, we are forced to give you some solutions for this great problem, either for Mobile or PC.

Your browser seems a bit outdated please update to the latest version or switch to a recommended browser

The problem comes directly from MEGA, which does not allow downloading files, light or heavy, even though it is easier to find the error in heavy download files. If we try to translate the text that appears it tells us,Your browser seems a bit outdated, please update to the latest version or change to the recommended browser “in this case the solution would be to install a more recent version of our browser, or simply change it to one of the other supported ones, since it becomes an important requirement to be able to use the download service, this is intended to they would solve all the download problems, why you can’t download from mega.

But the fact is that this problem comes from that our operating system could be Windows XP or later, here the answer to this problem is not so simple and it becomes complicated, because a few months ago Google stopped updating and supporting Windows XP and later versions of windows, in this case the solution could be to use another browser such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, among others. In my personal case, I have a Windows XP computer and I usually use MEGA to download my files with Mozilla Firefox without problems.

I can’t download anything from Mega

Although in the case of mobile phones and Android devices, the thing is different because we can update the browser with “Google Chrome” and later we will see a couple of options, press update and that’s it. For a computer it is different because we must go to the main page of Google Chrome, without having to delete the currently installed version, we would only have to click on the download and it will update without any problem, this as I said before if they have an operating system after Windows XP for example Windows 7, in this sense the Google Chrome page is this is written in this way:

If you try to download from Google Chrome on android from the Mega page, and we cannot do it, you can install the Mobile application of Mega, which will allow us to download heavy or light files without any problem.

Updated to 2017, the application manages the downloading of files of all sizes much better, this favors a Wi-Fi connection, obviously if we have mobile data there will be additional charges.

I can’t download anything from MEGA 2017

Download Mega: Download MEGA

If the Error so annoying “your browser seems a bit outdated “it persists, it is best to uninstall the Google Chrome program and restart the Android device or PC, depending on where the problem comes from when you turn on, download the application again or change the browser for another such as Mozilla Firefox, so we make sure of to be able to make our downloads from this wonderful platform.