Android Solution to slow Android mobile If you have been attentive to the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 ...

Android Solution to slow Android mobile If you have been attentive to the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 …

If you have been attentive to the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the Korean firm, you will have seen that it has extraordinary hardware, with a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and many other really substantial elements in its operation. Of course, we can be sure that Android will run on the Galaxy S8 like probably no other Android terminal, but that does not mean that we have to settle for a bad experience if we have another team.

Indeed, many mobile devices with Android operating system, especially those that we could say that belong to the low range, suffer from lag and slowdown, due to various issues or reasons, such as usage time, accumulating junk files, and many others. For this reason, taking into account the queries that many of our readers have been asking us, we want to show you some good solutions in case you suffer from having a too slow Android mobile device.

The idea of ​​the advice that we are going to give you next has to do of course with preventing the mobile phone from slowing down and locking up, so that it can give you an experience that is up to the task, even when it has enough time to play. use, to tell the truth. In this sense, we are going to bet on three solutions that we consider the most important in the case: the factory reset or Hard Reset, the use of a launcher or launcher, and finally, the deactivation of the system animations.

Simple methods to speed up slow Android

Factory reset or Hard Reset

  • We go to the main menu of our Android terminal and from there to Settings, although the path may vary and on some devices it can be directly from the Settings menu

  • Within this section, we look for the Privacy options and enter them

  • We continue sliding through this menu, until we find the option Reset factory data, which we are going to select

  • Again we go through the menu in its entirety until we reach the option Make backup and restore

  • Next act, we have to go to the end of the menu and look for the button Factory data reset

  • We will go to a new screen in which it will indicate that we can lose our data through this process, asking ourselves if we want to send them all to the SD card, and in turn, if we want that data from the SD to be eliminated. Our recommendation is that you make a backup copy prior to this tutorial if you are interested in preserving elements, but if not, just follow

  • We are going to Restart the phone, and by pressing it, we will be confirming the reset definitively

Use a launcher or launcher

Using a launcher or launcher as they are called here is another of the good alternatives that we have at hand if we want our Android to work faster, although you will have to opt preferably for one of those launchers or launchers that are light, not the heaviest or complete. We’ve recently been reviewing some of the best Android launchers of 2017 ourselves, so check them out to see them in detail., and decide which one can work for you.

Disable animations and limit background processes

Last but not least, we can recommend you in the same way that you look at the possibility of deactivating the animations on your Android mobile device. It happens that animations are often annoying for users, to the extent that they usually weigh down the use of RAM. To deactivate them, you must go to Settings, About device, and click several times on the build number. When you have done it, you should go to Settings, Developer Options, and disable the following functions: Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale.

Have you made your Android mobile work faster with these tricks?