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Android Solution Android.Process.Media StoppedThere are many related issues around the Android operating system, the…

There are many Issues related to the Android operating system, which are more frequent Than you can imagine, the solutions to these problems are generally the same, but there are times when mistakes cause more damage and therefore finding the problem that is causing it is too much the more complex odious mistake than he’s accustomed. The It stopped, this is directly related to the malfunction of the operating system on cell phones, but here we will help you to solve it quickly and easily. stopped error has stopped

When you have consecutive alerts on your Smartphone It has stopped, you must act quickly and try to find the fault to be able to solve it, since this can bring you very serious consequences such as making it impossible to use your cell phone.

Repair error

This error is very common In our Smartphone it usually happens when the version of the operating system is changed on your cell phone or when we install an application harmful to it OS , it may be due to system incompatibility or because the application is poorly developed, change the ROM Android or a simple update.

Fix problem has stopped

In the case of solving the error of We can do it through some simple steps on our cell phone, you must access the settings of your Smartphone, go to the applications option, click on show system applications, then go to the download manager option and click on force stop. In this way, the applications that were running will be stopped so that the application that was giving this error will be repaired.

If applying the settings option to go to the download manager and stop the applications that were running and you see that you still get the error alone there is a slightly more invasive solution, which will lead us to perform a factory reset or erase , which will imply that all the files, documents, applications, settings and everything you have saved on your cell phone be deleted if you want to perform the factory reset you must go to the settings of your Smartphone being there you locate the backup option and click on factory data reset, so that your operating system is as new and the error of has been repaired. Keep in mind that if you execute a factory erase you will lose all the files, so we recommend that you make a copy of security.