Android How to reject or block incoming calls on AndroidOne way or another at some point in your life ...

Android How to reject or block incoming calls on AndroidOne way or another at some point in your life …

In one way or another, at some point in your life you have gotten tired and tired of receiving constant calls from the same numbers and worst of all is that on top of all this, they are possibly telephone companies that want you to change companies or maybe they want to sell you something, insurance, etc.. All this without adding to the fact that you have someone annoying call you or even someone who has posted your number somewhere to annoy you. Whatever the reason, we can help you block all or some specific calls in Android.

Block calls on Android

The best of the options that we are going to present to you in general cases that trying to sell you something or tell you about a promotion bother you, which generally come from numbers that begin with 0800, etc.

What you should do is first of all go to the Settings part of your mobile device, and then go precisely to Device and then to Calls. That’s when we go where it says Call rejection and then where it says List of call rejections, that is where we must enter the number in question that we want to reject fully automatically.

Other method

If we don’t have another simpler and more specific method for different numbers. Let’s first of all press on the phone icon as if we were going to make a call. After this, what we are going to do is go to the settings part from the options, generally on the right above we have to enter them.

Once we are there, what we should do is go to the Call Settings section to find the option that says “Call blocking”. In this place we will have two options, the first one is “Call rejection messages” which is used to create a response message to be sent when you have rejected a call. The second option is “Blocked list”Which is exactly what we want, we enter there.

When we are in this part what we can do is add contacts or specific telephone numbers so that they can never bother us with phone calls again.

Every so often is necessary

Unfortunately we live in a world where not even companies respect the schedules and they end up calling you at any time to try to sell you things. Therefore, the only way to “fight” against this kind of situation is the one set out above. In case someone bothers you, as you will see blocking it is not too complicated and I can assure you that it will not bother you anymore, at least not by phone calls.