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Android How to Make the Touch Screen more Sensitive on Android Android mobile devices are the absolute majority worldwide, …

Android mobile devices are the absolute majority worldwide, to the point that currently, at least 8 out of 10 smartphones that are marketed worldwide, run the mobile operating system developed by the people of Google. Well, we have to emphasize in the same sense, that There are all kinds of tricks that will allow you to adapt your Android mobile to the type of use you want to give itSo the best thing to do is read articles with information like this one.

In this particular case, we knew that there was a tutorial that was being postponed too long considering the interest of users to know all the details about it, specifically when we talk about the possibility of increasing the sensitivity of the touch screen of Android Root devices. The important thing is that although it is possible to achieve this result, you have to know that there are not so many options to achieve it, and that you must be completely precise with them.

A faster Android touchscreen

Well, the first thing you have to keep in mind about this tutorial is that many low-end Android smartphones begin to have sensitivity problems with use, especially when they are more than a year and a half or two years old. intensive. If this is the case with your device, you have to know that One of the great advantages of having it rooted is directly related to the fact that you will be able to establish a much happier system for the touch of it.

The truth is that this tutorial is especially recommended for all those terminals with Android operating system that, however, have not been manufactured by the people of Samsung, taking into account that the Korean firm adds a “Sensitivity” option that is in charge of calibrating the screen. If you have an Android mobile device that has not been produced by the Korean firm and you want to leave all these problems behind, all you have to do is keep reading about it.

In this sense we have to say in this regard that this trick to increase the sensitivity of the touch that we are going to teach you, works practically for all Android devices that do not have an option to calibrate the touch screen and increase the performance of your Android screen. That is to say, is usable on all Android versions Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow and even Nougat, the most current of them all.

Well, at this point, you should know that fortunately there are many apps that we can take into account to make the screen of our Android mobile devices smoother, although some of them are false so it is better to be as careful as we can. We have to indicate, in such respect, that right now we are going to show you some interesting options that will work in terms of increasing the sensitivity of the touch, with an app that stands out from the rest. It is about TouchScreen Boster APK.

The first thing you have to do then is enter the previous link, and then go to Settings, Security, to activate the unknown sources that are available in this section. Once you have done so, you run the application until it has been completely installed. When the process is finished, then you will be able to open it like any other. Then you have to give Recalibration and you will see that a pop-up window appears that will inform you confirming the installation, clicking OK. You wait for the application to finish its work, and then you will be able to fully calibrate the screen of your device.

Have you been able to make the touch of your Android device more sensitive?