Android How to Install Android on Mobile Today one of the most emblematic systems in the …

Nowadays one of the most emblematic systems in the mobile world is android, because because it is so rich in functions, it has managed to exceed the expectations of consumers and Getting to enchant everyone with their tools, the use of these smart phones based on the android operating system has meant a great advance for the world, so many people seek to install this system and is that despite the great differences between the cell phone and the computer, it is very similar to installing a windows on a PC and here we will explain step by step how to install android to the cell phone.

Install Android to Cellphone

In most cases the system is damaged for reasons beyond our control, the normal thing is that failures occur, such as viruses (system errors) or simply a failure in operation due to a corrupted file downloaded all this is possible thanks to the fact that android is such a system used by people, But Android has also incorporated a recovery option called Recovery Mode, which allows you to easily install the Android system on a mobile phone or tablet.

However, there are times when we want to install the operating system again either for a different version (different) or because we need A more recent and lighter version on our device is why you have to resort to modifications or different roms to install, these can include root permissions Among other important things, depending on the brand of the device, this is done in different ways and applications such as Odin (Samsung), Flash tool for other brands are used, among many other alternatives for flashing.

How to Install Android on Java Cellular

But you must bear in mind that you need a special android version for each cell phone model, if you want to know what it is then you must go to Settings> About deviceSince if you download the other version, your cell phone may have problems in the future.

Remember that before doing this dangerous procedure you must flash your mobile, in case you want to return to normalYou will have to make a backup of your cell phone since this is quite useful, although if you are sure you can skip this step and dedicate yourself fully and clearly to applying a firmware installation to your android device.

Required files:

  • Startup.txt file
  • Ts-calibration
  • Startup folder
  1. Android has two versions but it is much better to download the last one which is downloaded from Download the full Bundle.
  2. Extract all the files from your cell phone folder, remember it must always be from the root.
  3. Look for the folder named Startup which is within other folders depending on the cell phone, each one is called differently.
  4. copy into the folder the file Startup.txt, copy and paste into the root of the SD.
  5. To calibrate the screen download TS.calibration, this file must also be pasted in Root SD.
  6. Through a file explorer that you have in Widnwos, execute the Haret.exe file, you will see how android starts working from the SD.
  7. When it is installed, allow approximately 5 to 10 minutes to pass without installing or configuring anything on the cell phone.
  8. restart the Android system again and start doing what you want you have already learned to install android to the cell phone.