Descubre de que manera tener más memoria interna en el Android

Android How to have more Internal Memory in Android One of the most frequent problems in Android phones …

One of the most frequent problems in mobiles with Low-end Android is that they have very little internal memory, so in a short time a message appears indicating Insufficient storage space. This occurs more than anything in cases where the mobile ROM comes with an internal memory of 4 GB, but this does not mean that the 4 GB is available to install games and applications, store images, music, etc., but rather uses 30% for the operating system itself Android, and it is for this reason that the message appears, however, here you will find an effective solution to have more internal memory on the Android.

How to have more internal memory on Android

Well, there are several ways to solve this problem for low-end mobiles that have very little internal memory. It does not matter if it is insufficient or it is sold out, the most effective solution is to buy a class 10 microSD expansion card preferably, since they are the fastest on the market, then move all the applications that the application manager allows and this will help to free up some space.

On the other hand, if you have installed WhatsApp, which surely is so, you can configure the application so that the files you receive are stored in the micorSD memory and so it does not take up space in the internal memory, it is also good that you do this with the camera of your cell phone.

Alternatives to expand Android internal memory

Well, in case you do not want to buy a microSD memory or you already have it but still your space is insufficient, do not worry, here are more suggestions for have more memory on the Android.

Delete the apps you don’t use

When installing too many applications the space becomes insufficient, so that a good option when the memory of the mobile runs out would be uninstall all the games and applications that you do not use or think unnecessary.

To delete the applications that you do not use, you just have to go to the menu Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager, then choose the ones you want to delete, click on them and then on Uninstall.

Use cloud hosting

Another option for have more internal memory on the Android If you don’t want to delete some files that you consider important, use the cloud storage. For example, Dropbox Y Google drive They are two very good services, guaranteed and of course free that will allow you to store your files on their servers in a secure way over the Internet.

As you will see, if your mobile is low-end you do not have to worry, you can have more internal memory on the Android using some of these options that will surely serve you.