Cambiar nombre aplicaciones Android

Android How to change the name of Android applications Android mobile devices congregate the vast majority of users …

Android mobile devices attract the vast majority of users around the world, and that is why they are constantly asking us for interesting new tricks to get more out of them.

In this particular case, we don’t want to stop teaching you a useful tutorial with which you will have the chance neither more nor less than to change the names of your applications quickly and easily.

Change the name of your apps on Android!

Indeed, changing the name of Android applications is not only possible although many do not know it, but it is even a procedure that is not difficult at all, so below we are going to show you what to take into account. In fact, The only thing you will need is to have a launcher installed on your mobile device, of which you will see that there are hundreds in the Google Play Store, although we highly recommend Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, to which we leave you the download link at the end of this article.

To take the first one as an example, we must say that changing the name of Android apps with Nova Launcher is not difficult at all, because once we have downloaded and installed the application, the next step has to do with change the launcher or launcher that is activated by default to this one, and then you’ll start to take advantage of its many features that go beyond just renaming the app.

Rename Android apps

Once we have it open and working, the next thing will be to click on the icon of the application to which we want to change its name, and when the menu appears, we will see that one of the options is Edit. When we enter it we can change the name without problem to our applications, and from then on, each time you access them, you will find them with the new name that you have assigned them.

If we have several versions of the same application this trick can be especially useful to never make mistakes, or also if we want our young child or older adult to find it more quickly. In any case, practically the only thing that takes us is to wait for the launcher to install, which of course happens faster when we have a WiFi Internet connection available.

Download Nova Launcher / Apex Launcher

What do you think of this trick to change the name of your apps on Android?

Android, the mobile operating system that brings together the vast majority of smartphones today in Spain and the rest of the world, is also one of the ones that offers us the greatest amount of customization possibilities. That is why we love to review the main tricks that we can access in their different versions, and in this particular case we want to look at a tutorial that will surely catch your attention. This is the procedure thanks to which we can change the name of different Android applications, in an extremely fast and easy way, even suitable for non-experts.

Rename Android apps

Rename apps on Android

The first thing you have to take into account in this regard then, is that although there is no chance of changing the name of the application in Android in the application menu itself, we can do it when we move it to the desktop, which stops many users will surely be more than interesting. The best of all is that in any case, we can modify the text that appears below the icon quickly and easily, without the need for our phone to be rooted, or to risk the contents of the mobile.

So, to change the name of an app on Android, the first thing to do is go to Settings, and then to Applications, where you will see that they all appear with the usual names, and that is why we will need a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, the easiest way to rename apps on Android. There are also many other “launchers”, so we recommend that you take the time to find the one you like the most.

Assuming then that we have downloaded either of these two launchers, once we have run them on our smartphone, we have to select them as the default launcher to access their functions. When you have Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher running, you will see that changing the name of the applications is very easy, since it is only a matter of clicking on the icon to which we want to change the text. Then we wait for the contextual menu to appear in images, and at the same time, we click on Edit. There we can determine the name that we like the most, and then go to Save. Without much more than that, the application that we have selected will have the name that we like the most.