Android games We recommend the best Soy Luna games, one of the most popular Argentine youth series of the last ...

Android games We recommend the best Soy Luna games, one of the most popular Argentine youth series of the last …

One of the most popular Argentine youth series in recent times is undoubtedly Soy Luna. It is emitted by the chain of Disney Channel Latin America. The series is undoubtedly very beautiful for adolescents and children of the home, since it is very well cared for, has an extremely beautiful story and the protagonist Luna Valente is undoubtedly something impeccable in the series that ends up enchanting both young and old.

It is clear that like any kind of series or product in general that is quite successful, videogames also come, especially for mobile phones. In this case we have created this article to recommend the games about Soy Luna most downloaded and popular that we have found for different mobile devices.

Dress up games Soy Luna

The history of the series is incredible, Luna is actually Mexican, the issue is that her parents have to move to Argentina for work, that’s where she meets “Jam & Roller”Since she is a fan of skating and there begins the great adventure that this protagonist is going to live with all of us.

Soy Luna Musica: The application is not a game in itself, but we can listen to all the music of the series on our mobile device, in addition to that we can read the lyrics of their songs comfortably from the Smartphone screen to learn by heart the same ones and being able to sing them.

I’m Manicure Luna: Obviously, as the name says, it’s a game where you have to do a manicure in a few words, it’s quite interesting and fun. Ideal for those little ones who want to learn to do their nails, paint themselves and play healthy in this game that you can get in the Play Store from right here.

Memorize Soy Luna: This kind of series games are popular, the idea is in a few words to memorize the cards in question that appear and then they are turned over so that you have to try to find the two identical cards, memory as you will see is essential in this simple but considerably entertaining game that will keep you hooked on your Smartphone screen for hours and hours.

As you will see, the number of games that Soy Luna has is quite varied and above all there is something for all tastes, you will be able to keep your little girl entertained on the mobile or Tablet for many hours with these amazing Soy Luna games.