Android games The best VR games without gyroscopeOne of the main technologies that has broken into the segment ...

Android games The best VR games without gyroscopeOne of the main technologies that has broken into the segment …

One of the main technologies that has broken into the mobile segment in recent times obviously has to do with virtual reality, a system that allows players from all over the world to enjoy all kinds of new games with which they had not previously played. we could even dream. Indeed, as we well know, virtual reality is nothing other than “a science based on the use of computers and other devices, the purpose of which is produce an appearance of reality that allows the user to have the feeling of being present in it“.

Of course, although it is clear that everyone wants to make use of virtual reality, it is especially some developers who have managed to conquer the mass public with their games that fall within this segment, some of which are already really famous. It must be said, in this sense, that although right now we can find a huge number of virtual reality games, especially some of them stand out well above the others, so the idea is to analyze them, of course.

Of course, you have to consider in these cases that when it comes to virtual reality games, an element that your mobile should have to be able to really enjoy these types of titles is the gyroscope, and in reality not all smartphones have this element included. That is precisely why we say that we are going to collect what we think are right now the best virtual reality games without gyroscope that you should take into account in your day to day for the smartphone.

The best virtual reality games without gyroscope

Jet Fighter Simulation: we begin then with what we can consider the first virtual reality game without a gyroscope on this list, a title that will surely catch your attention to the extent that you are going to find it with the possibility of using your gamepad to make the most of it. You have to know about these types of games, which stand out in their category because There are not many aviation titles that are so good from a graphic point of view, and in turn require you to transform yourself into such a bold pilot.

VR Land of the Dinosaurs: Of course, when it comes to virtual reality games that plan to take us from one part of the world to another, to imaginary scenarios, we could not fail to take into account the existence of the classic titles that bet on the worlds of dinosaurs. On this occasion specifically we find ourselves then with the possibility of enjoying a perfectly achieved environment of dinosaurs, in which you will have to live as if you were a caveman, looking for food while protecting yourself from predators.

Danger Zombies Shooting: Of course, it no longer matters what type of game we are talking about or the type of list we are making, since we always find some of the best zombie games in the world, some that do not stop attracting attention. In this particular case we can especially enjoy a very well prepared title, which is distinguished by the variety of entertainment offers that it offers us when defeating the living dead.

Vr space travel: continuing with the best virtual reality games that do not require a gyroscope, we could not fail to mention the case of this title, one in which we have to move in outer space, trying to reach the coordinates that have been specified. This is another game that is really well done, one in which you will not be able to believe how real all the elements of outer space look., and that it will challenge you to learn to guide yourself just like astronauts do.

Honey Bee Adventure VR: and we come to the last of the VR games without gyroscope, a title that is also very entertaining like all the previous ones, in which you will find yourself with the need to give a hand to our little and funny bee that of course is the protagonist of the game. All you have to do is help them collect nectar from the flowers and pollinate the entire forest., and for that you must make use of your virtual reality glasses, obtaining a great entertainment experience.

Which of these VR games without gyroscope is your favorite?