Android games The best places to play chess onlineIf there is a board game that we could consider millennial, that ...

Android games The best places to play chess onlineIf there is a board game that we could consider millennial, that …

If there is a board game that we could consider millennial, which has marked generations and generations throughout history, then there is absolutely no doubt that we are referring to the famous chess. Of course, times have changed and now almost no one plays chess in their living room, but many will want to know good online chess sites to break the habit a bit.

Indeed, we have to say that it is possible to find a huge number of websites to play chess online, and it is precisely for this reason that we wanted to compile, for a long time, the 5 that we consider best within this segment. If you keep reading this article, then you will find the 5 best websites to play chess online, all of them with particular characteristics that will surely interest you.


The best online chess sites for PC

Spark Chess (see link)

The first of the proposals on online chess pages that we can recommend is Spark chess, about which we have to highlight that it allows you to play games against rivals from anywhere in the world. If you are tired of playing games with the machine, you can face other players, even access their problem section and a Lesson section, for a very convenient price.

Instant Chess (see link)

Instant chess is another of the good options to play chess on PC that we wanted to recommend, not only because of how easy it is to start being part of the platform and start a game, but also because you don’t need to be registered, thanks to the possibility of playing as guests he offers us. On this site we will find different payment methods, so that you will hardly have to spend to enjoy it.

Shredder Chess (see link)

If neither of the two previous proposals has finished convincing you, you have to know that Shredder Chess is another very good alternative, one that stands out above all for its clear and simple interface, perfect for beginners. We can play games facing humans or virtual players, choose the duration of each challenge, the clock options, and even the type of modality that interests us.

Play Chess (see link)

We move on to the fourth online chess site that we think you should know about, Play chess, a Spanish version of the traditional that surely many of those who are familiar with this segment will know. If you don’t speak English, it is an interesting proposal anyway, since it has a training section, perfect for learning some efficient movements before the game. (see link)

Unlike most of the previous proposals and those that we can find regarding online chess on the web, is a free PC chess game perfect for those who still consider themselves beginners. About this title we have to highlight it has several interesting sections, one about Tournaments, another about live broadcasts of games on TV, and others that you will already discover.