Android Games The best games without Internet for Android phonesAlthough it is true that the Android operating system has a store ...

Android Games The best games without Internet for Android phonesAlthough it is true that the Android operating system has a store …

Although it is true that the Android operating system has an application store that has many interesting games, it is no less true that to play most of them we have to be connected to the Internet, which at certain times can be really annoying. For this reason, in this article we want to review what we consider the best games specifically thinking about games without Internet for Android mobiles, those perfect to play when we don’t have a data rate.

Indeed, all the games without Internet for Android phones that we are going to show you below are as entertaining as those that do require connections, Although they have the difference that in reality in these cases we do not need a connection, WiFi, 3G or 4G. In any circumstance, the truth is that sometimes we may have to download some of their content over the Internet, but then we can play them wherever we want without the need for connections from others.

The best Android games without Internet

Warship Battle: 3D World War II: the first of the games without Internet that we think you should consider is one that will take you directly to open waters, although it is not a simulator as some might think. Actually, Warship Battle: 3D World War II Rather, it is a maritime action game in which we have to learn to control a warship in the middle of a war, doing our part to win the battle. While we have to avoid being sunk, we must also recognize how to attack opponents to generate advantages.

Beach Buggy Racing: in the second instance we have one of the types of games that Android users seem to prefer over the others, specifically speaking of Beach Bunny Racing. It is a game in which we have a car that we can customize to the maximum to drive it as best as possible on the beach. It also has really good graphics, especially when it comes to circuits, so it is really entertaining. Of course, be careful with the obstacles that appear along the way, because they could give you more than one dislike.

Dead trigger: one of the games of the year, even if we weren’t just sticking to games that don’t require the Internet to work. We are talking about neither more nor less than Dead trigger. About this title it should be noted that like many of the most successful of recent years, it is about killing zombies. It is a rather futuristic world, within which it seems that the economic system has finished collapsing, and while citizens are rebelling against politicians, a virus begins to invade the streets.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition: Minecraft is one of the most famous games that we have in this generation, for some years now, and the truth is that although it has some not-so-known versions, the mobile version is essential for our entertainment, the so-called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. With this we find a version of Minecraft specially adapted to smartphone screens, so that you can create your own world, defend yourself from creatures or build castles in your style.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: and we end with another of those games that we can consider true classics, in this case a Plants vs Zombies 2 That surely many will know after the success that the first installment also had, beyond the fact that we are specifically recommending the second. The idea is that you move the plants correctly to prevent the zombies from gaining space, so you must be completely careful. If you think you can beat zombies, you should give this title a shot.

Which of these games without Internet for Android do you like the most?