Android Games The Best Games for the Samsung Galaxy S5The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the flagship of the Korean firm…

Android Games The Best Games for the Samsung Galaxy S5The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the flagship of the Korean firm…

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the flagship of the Korean firm for 2014, and the truth is that it was a device so sought after by users, that many of them still have it in their hands and continue to use it because its performance has been lived up to expectations and more. If you don’t remember what the Samsung Galaxy S5 is like, you have to consider that It is a terminal with a 5.1-inch screen in addition to Super AMOLED technology with Full HD resolution, making it perfect for running all kinds of games.

The truth is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a terminal that continues to work very well today, and that is why you will see that in this article in which we are going to show you the best games for the Samsung Galaxy S5, you will find some of the most demanding on the market right now. Yes, better read their descriptions, because these titles for the Samsung Galaxy S5 are really different from each other, so you will have to find one that fully adapts to the type of entertainment you like the most.

Asphalt 8: Airborne: We can possibly find that many of the regular users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are lovers of racing games, and in this particular case we did not want to stop considering what happens with respect to Asphalt 8: Airborne. About this game we can highlight that it has one of the best graphics in the segment, while at the same time of course, it has countless cars to choose from.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout: Modern Combat 5: Blackout It is one of the best shooting games in FPS that we can play right now on our Samsung Galaxy S5. If you want to enjoy fun with the best shooting game, which also offers us a story and plot line up to the task, then you have absolutely no doubt that this game is the one. In addition, it has a really entertaining multiplayer mode to challenge our friends.

FIFA 16: When we think about the best games for the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is impossible not to take into account the best soccer simulator possible. In this case it is FIFA 16 And it is that although we also have FIFA 17, we like it a little more for certain options. The truth is that if you want to play with your favorite teams, manage them, defeat historical rivals or more, the best thing you can do is download FIFA 16 right now on your Galaxy S5.

GTA Vice City: There cannot be a list of the best games in any segment if we do not consider at least one of the installments of the GTA franchise. In this case we would like to especially recommend the GTA Vice CitySince it is one of the most entertaining, a title developed by the people of Rockstar Games that will put us in the shoes of a few complicated guys who have to perform all kinds of missions to complete challenges and obtain all kinds of benefits .

Real Racing 3: and we ended of course hand in hand with Real Racing 3, a game about which we must say that it is another of the great options in terms of racing, especially if you dream of becoming a world famous multimillionaire runner. In this game, success is essential to improve your cars in the workshop, so you must be attentive during each of the competitions, so as not to give up a single position.

Which of these games for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is your favorite?