Android games The best Dora games for AndroidWhen you think about the main childhood characters that usually…

Android games The best Dora games for AndroidWhen you think about the main childhood characters that usually…

When thinking about the main childhood characters that tend to amuse children today, We cannot lose sight of a completely classic one, as is the case of the famous Dora the Explorer. Indeed, it is a cartoon that has been a success for years, and that is why it has managed to pass through different generations of little ones that it has entertained in a big way.

If you have a boy or girl who is a fan of the adventures of Dora the Explorer, then we are sure that you can download some of the best applications of this character to keep him entertained. In this article then, you will find what we consider the best Dora games for Android, those that in no way should you stop having on your smartphone.


The best Dora games on Android

Dora coloring book (download)

Dora coloring book It is the first of the Dora games for Android that we can recommend, insofar as it is perfect for children who like to paint all kinds of drawings in their homes. If you do not have paper and pencil at hand to offer your child, then we are sure that you will be able to keep him entertained with this application that teaches you his main characters.

Dora and Diego’s Vacation (download)

The second of the Dora mobile games is Dora and Diego’s vacation, which is precisely responsible for illustrating this article with his image. In this we will have to accompany the protagonists of the story during their rest vacations, in which however they will find all kinds of unexpected adventures, so they better be prepared to face them.

Birthday cake take Dora (download)

Do you like birthday parties? Do you especially enjoy the moment of preparing the cake? Then have no doubt that among all the Dora games for the phone, Dora takes birthday cake is the one for you. In this one, you will have to help the protagonist of the game to prepare birthday cakes, so that she can entertain her friend on a new anniversary of her birth.

Dora Dress Up (download)

Dora, like any other girl, loves to look good and try on different dresses and garments for each of her outings at home, so we can give her a hand to always look beautiful. Thanks to a game like Dora dress up, you will be able to try all kinds of styles for our explorer, thus checking which one is indicated for each of her new adventures in the park.

Play with Dora (download)

And we finally ended up hand in hand with Play with Dora, the last of the Dora games that we think you should consider in this type of case. It is probably the most traditional of Dora’s games, and it must be borne in mind that it is perfect for those intrepid children who want to accompany our character in each of the adventures and challenges that he has to overcome.