Android Games Swordigo: The Best Guide and the Best Tips and Tricks Swordigo is that kind of game that doesn't win you over by ...

Android Games Swordigo: The Best Guide and the Best Tips and Tricks Swordigo is that kind of game that doesn’t win you over by …

Swordigo It is that kind of game that does not win you over with your eyes, it does not have an impressive graphic quality but it has that “I don’t know what” that ends up fascinating us and falling in love with its game mechanics, of its well-kept settings and of a development in general that fascinates us and does not allow us to detach ourselves from the screen even for a second, the quality of the title that we are going to talk about today is impressive and is another of the many that they affirm that the indies They are possibly the best that the last and this generation has.

Tricks for Swordigo

Even though it seems to be a pretty simple game, platform style which is like that. We have to bear in mind that in addition to that it contains a story that helps us get even deeper into the title if possible, in this way we can begin to investigate each of the scenarios in search of the mysteries that await us. An adventure like no other in 2D, very platform all in search of the legendary sword.

It is important to get a good amount of gems in the game since, to get a good amount of weapons, armor or even spells we are going to need precisely these gems to get hold of them.

Obviously despite being free, you have to bear in mind that the developers of something have to live, right? The game has purchases within it, in this way we can get a large number of gems for this way get all the objects quickly and be able to pass the levels In a very simple way. Although personally I do not recommend it even if you have the opportunity to acquire gems quickly, since it loses the grace and challenge that this wonderful game means.

Guide for Swordigo

We do not want to recommend any kind of tricks or anything similar because the beauty of this class of indie titles is to be able to enjoy them as much as possible, to get fully into each of the levels that we are witnessing, enjoying those magical and incredible scenarios that he presents to us. despite having a graphic quality that obviously does not match the great titles of Android but that undoubtedly has that magic, that emotion, that pampering of his developers That undoubtedly surprises us and ends up making us fall in love in an impressive way, without letting us breathe and without allowing us to get away from the screen of our mobile for a long time.