Android Games Hungry Shark Evolution Tricks for Windows PhoneIt is true that there are more games available to ...

Android Games Hungry Shark Evolution Tricks for Windows PhoneIt is true that there are more games available to …

While it is true that there are more games available to users of Android mobile devices than there are others with Windows Phone operating systems, that by no means means that the latter have to regret not being able to enjoy good titles on their smartphones. On the contrary, the truth is that there are very good Windows Phone games that we think you should take into account, and today we are going to specifically stop at Hungry Shark Evolution.

The truth is that Hungry Shark Evolution has shown in recent months that it is one of the favorite games of users who have Windows Phone mobiles, and that is precisely why we thought that a specific article was owed to it a long time ago regarding its possibilities. The idea of ​​this article is to be able to analyze some of the main details related to the Hungry Shark Evolution, to the extent that we want to teach you some of the best tricks of this game.

The best tricks for Hungry Shark Evolution

Well, let’s start then with the first of what we consider the essential cheats for the game Hungry Shark Evolution, to the extent that it is possible to get coins or gems as quickly and easily as possible, just by watching videos, with nothing else to do. Indeed, before going out to sea, you have to touch on the free coins and jewels in the store, within the total option of diamonds, being that every day you can get a certain amount without effort.

Beyond that, you can get other additions by playing videos in the application. By watching the videos, you will get 100 extra coins, something you will always have to do before you start playing. Plus, liking the Hungry Shark Evolution Facebook page will earn you five additional free gems. As you can see, there are many methods that allow us to enjoy Hungry Shark Evolution quickly and easily.

Some Hungry Shark Evolution users have been asking us at the same time what we can do when we think of crab attacks. Sure, anyone would think that a shark Megalodon he is able to easily fight giant crabs, but there are other dangers. Enemy crabs require us to be careful as much as possible, especially considering that the bigger the crab, the more damage it can cause us.

If you want to provoke a giant crab, you must ensure at the same time that you avoid the pincer attacks that these Hungry Shark Evolution members can perform. So you will have to take your time to find the weak points that these creatures may have. In the same way, you should know that while the crab is in charge of striking, it will change color so that we know what its health is, to the extent that it is very healthy when it looks green, and close to death when it tends to red.

If you want to get a baby shark in Hungry Shark Evolution you can also do it. since they are very fun to the extent that they move everywhere accompanying the main shark in a way that helps it consume all the elements that appear in its path. To acquire a baby shark you have to use the coins or jewelry. You should know, in this sense, that Each of the species has its own value, which we are going to specify below so that you know it thoroughly..

Baby shark: +5 Stamina (1000 Coin Costs) – Baby Mako Shark: +10 Stamina (costs 20 gems) – Hammerhead baby: 15 Stamina (costs 60 gems) – Baby Tiger Shark: 20 Stamina (costs 130 gems) – Baby white shark: +25 Stamina (costs 300 gems) – Megalodon Shark Baby: +30 Stamina (Costs 900 gems)

What other Hungry Shark Evolution tricks would you like to know about this time?