Android games Games for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge, the best of the best We cannot deny that more and more mobile devices are coming ...

Android games Games for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge, the best of the best We cannot deny that more and more mobile devices are coming …

We cannot deny that mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful, without going too far even low-mid-range mobiles such as Samsung J7 without going any further that it is quite accessible, they serve to enjoy a good variety of games. Although clearly those that are higher-end like the Samsung S7 have a number of possibilities in terms of games that is practically unlimited, why do I say this? Simply because we are not only going to be able to play games of Android, but even, looking from Xbox 360, Playstation 3 Y Wii down, we will be able to emulate absolutely everything on our mobile, so it is quite powerful.

Best games for Samsung

But let’s go to what really interests us, let’s talk about the best games that we are going to find in the store Google and that our Samsung S7 or S7 Edge you will be able to make it work without any kind of problem, without even perspiring a single drop.

Modern Combat 5: I must confess that it is one of the first that I downloaded as soon as I acquired a Note 5 and when I was able to get hold of the S7 I also downloaded it. It is in a nutshell the Android Call of Duty, with a simply sublime graphic quality and being one of the best graphics that we are going to find on this platform, being among the first in terms of quality with impressive lighting effects, resulting in something extremely realistic.

The Walking Dead: Undoubtedly, gentlemen, one of the most entertaining games that you will find and with which you are going to get hooked for sure. More than anything for all those who are fans of the comics and also the television series that moves millions of people, but leaving that aside if you like it, even if it’s a little zombies then you definitely have to give it a try and apart you have to take advantage of the fact that it is free.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma: Right with the return of the television series Heroes Obviously a game had to come out based on it and this is exactly that. We basically have to escape from a place where we are a hostage with interesting powers, an adventure with lots of action, highly entertaining, although the only bad thing we could say is that it does not last as long as we would like and that it costs about five dollars. But is it worth it.

Dungeon Hunter 5: We save the best for last without a doubt because this hack-and-slash where we basically have to eliminate everything to continue is simply sublime gentlemen, from the beginning the graphic quality is impressive. But in addition to that the overall quality of the story, the enemies and the scenarios make it the best hack-and-slash o action game Android RPG with many possibilities.