Android games Games for Huawei that you can find in Google Play The smartphones of the Huawei company have become very popular ...

Android games Games for Huawei that you can find in Google Play The smartphones of the Huawei company have become very popular …

The company’s smartphones Huawei They have become very popular thanks to the quality / price ratio that exists in their mobiles. Its models have specifications that are of great interest to users, especially if they are looking for a mobile to play. For this reason, we bring five games for huawei that you can download from Google play.

Top five games for Huawei

Crisis Action

This game has more than 5 million downloads, it is a game FPS that handles very well on your screen Huawei. In this game you can compete in tournaments, so you must try to stay in the top positions and earn credits in the game.

The coins you earn will allow you to improve your weapons which you acquire in an in-game store. If you want to download Crisis Action you can use this link.


Soccer Star 2016: Word Legend

If soccer games are your thing, you will love this one in particular. You can play with your favorite team in incredible soccer competitions. One of the most outstanding features of this game is its excellent 3D environment and very realistic physics, so much so that each player has a different celebration after scoring a goal. You can use this link to download this game.


Legends of 100 Heroes

If your preferred genre is strategy games, then the game you should download without a doubt is Legend of 100 Heroes. An RPG with a very interesting campaign mode.

In this game you will find stories that are worth discovering embodying your favorite character. In addition, you can play with other people in multiplayer mode, which will allow you to fight against other players. To download this game you can use this link.


Castle Escape Mission 2016

In Castle Escape Mission 2016 We will live the story where a future king who was looking forward to the day of his coronation falls into an underground crypt. In order to arrive on time for his event, the young prince must walk through the dark depths of said dungeon where he will meet threats such as soldiers of the black elite, deadly traps and even demons.

To get out of this place alive, you will have a sword that will help you eliminate all your enemies. If you want to download this game, you can access it with this link that will take you straight to Google play.


GX Racing

If none of the games for huawei previous ones convinced you and what you are looking for is a game where speed is what dominates, then GX Racing is the one you are looking for.

In this game you will have to go through the most extreme motorcycle tracks in the world, where you only have to have great ability to defeat such difficult opponents that they will even do some tricks on the ramps. In this game you will be able to unlock about 20 motorcycles, so that you can modify them as you prefer. To download this game you can use this link.