Android games Download Download Pokémon SoulSilver for AndroidWhenever we think of the most important video game franchises to…

Android games Download Download Pokémon SoulSilver for AndroidWhenever we think of the most important video game franchises to…

Whenever we think of the most important video game franchises that we can access these days, we find that a huge number of users are excited about the possibility of enjoying absolutely all Pok√©mon titles. The truth is that obviously, Pok√©mon is one of the most important cartoon stories of all time, and that’s why most of the games that are released based on its story end up being really successful.

In this particular case, considering that in the previous weeks we have been teaching how to download many of the best Pokémon games, we want to focus especially on one in particular, such as the Pokémon SoulSilver, about which we have been asked a lot. The first thing to point out about this Pokémon game is that it is one of the best graphics it has, in addition to a huge amount of game options, and hundreds of creatures or pokémons that we can catch.

Pokémon SoulSilver is then transformed for a huge number of fans of the series into one of the best installments that can enjoy this one in these times, so we want to show you what is the step by step to be able to have the title installed on your Android . The first thing to keep in mind in this regard is that as we are going to install the title through an executable APK, we have to go to Settings, Security, and then enable Unknown Sources to be able to run it later.

Install Pokémon SoulSilver on Android

Once you have done what we said before, and you have downloaded the ROM of Pok√©mon SoulSilver from this link and the game itself from this link, then the next thing will be to start navigating between the different options, folders and contents that you have on your device . If your smartphone does not have a file explorer, then we recommend that you install, which is one of the best. Then, you have to enter all ZIPs and go to the option “Extract / decompress”, clicking on the Drastic APK to begin the installation.

After completing the previous steps, the next thing is to go to the Applications Menu and run Drastic. Later you have to load the ROM in question, which is located inside the Download folder, and then run the APK, after the formation of whose icon you can start enjoying the game. Of course, you have to know that this game is different from many of the previous Pokémon, and it is that many users have pointed out the strong visual changes and in the gameplay that are really appreciated.

For the rest, if you want to know details about the requirements that are needed to install Pokémon SoulSilver on your smartphone, you have to know that these are some very specific ones, such as having the Android operating system 2.3.6 or later versions, in addition to a 1GB RAM, a dual-core processor clocked at a minimum 1.5 GHz. However, the advantage over other games is that our Android mobile device does not need to be rooted.

Have you been able to install Pokémon SoulSilver for Android with this step by step?