Cómo Corregir o Arreglar Fotos Borrosas en Android e iOS Gratis

Android Fix blurry photos from your AndroidPhotographs are part of our daily life is not the …

The Photographs They are part of our daily life is we cannot deny it. Whether it is taking a photo of our nephew, with our friends, an activity we do, even a meal that we are about to eat. In short, with photos we convey something that we are experiencing without the need to utter a single word.

But every so often the approach does not accompany, we are moving and many situations more that ends up giving us a very blurry photo Can it be fixed on Android? Yes something like that.

How to fix blurry photo from Android

No, not from Android, we tell you that simply. Because it is much more complicated and it is considerably easy to do it from the computer, so pass your photo there and let’s go to the PC.

First of all, we are going to enter this website called Pixlr.

Now what you will do is go under everything and see what it says Pixlr Editor, that’s where you should click.

Once ready we go where it says Launch Web App.

Now we would be in the photo editor, we are going to select the one that we passed previously and we want to fix.

Well when you already have the selected photo, let’s go to where it says filters, among all those the one you have to select is the one that says “focus”.

You have the ability to press focus every time what you want The issue is that the more you focus, the worse the photo is, you have to try to find the right balance to be able to make it as good as possible. Keep in mind that it is not magical either and if the photo is extremely blurry there is no way to solve it.

Now since you have the photo as you like Or as best as possible, what you have to do is simply save the image and then download it. Done is the only thing to do to fix the blurry photo problem.

Fix blurry photo in Windows

As you will see, it is not complicated at all, yes, I repeat that if it is too blurry not even a professional could save it, it is not that programs work miracles. Next time you take a photo try to focus more and look at it before continuing to take photos to make sure it turns out well and avoid all this kind of mess that on many occasions may not end up giving us the results we are looking for or meeting our expectations, always keep that in mind.