Android Downgrade on Android?  It's possible?  We Teach You How We always recommend that when we have the possibility to update, do so ...

Android Downgrade on Android? It’s possible? We Teach You How We always recommend that when we have the possibility to update, do so …

We always recommend that when we have the possibility to update do soObviously it is normal and what we all do since a new version means new advantages, options and above all things optimizations and fixes some other bugs. In short, having a new version of our operating system is important to keep up to date and avoid any kind of problem.

The point is that sometimes things don’t work out the way we expected, that the phone consumes more battery than normal, that it locks on the keyboard, in some menus, that games do not work at 60 FPS, etc. and more etc. For that reason, if the previous version worked for you, you will want to return yes or yes, we will teach you how to make a downgrade which is to put it simply, downgrade back to the version you had previously.

How to downgrade on Android

The process may seem complicated, but in reality, it is not that complicated, any inexperienced user can do it. But before continuing, make sure your battery is 100% charged.

  • First of all, we need Odin, once we have the program we will enter download mode, For this we have to press and hold volume down + home + power for several seconds and release (depending on the mobile, entering download mode may vary) Once the logo of Android we are going to press up, we keep it until we enter download mode or download mode.
  • Now with Odin open and the Smartphone in download mode, what we do is connect the device by USB to the PC (It is important to use the original USB of the mobile and not just any one out there).
  • Once everything is ready, where it says ID: COM turns green. Now you have to uncheck these two options: “F. Reset Time” and the “Auto Reboot. Once ready you should click on “Home” and wait for it to finish.
  • Once finished, the message of “PASS“Which means that everything is fine and I’m done, we disconnect our Android.
  • Let’s go into mode recovery Now, the way to do it is by holding volume up + home + on, with the phone off obviously, for a few seconds and wait for the logo to appear. Samsung and then black screen with blue text.
  • Now we are going to look for the option that says “Wipe data /Factory reset“We select yes to confirm and then we go to”Wipe cache partition“In order to clear all the cache, then we go to” Reboot System now “to reboot and it may take a while for the first reboot to start, but it is normal.

Everything ready, as you will see inside everything is not so complicated, obviously it has many steps to follow, but they are all too simple and there are no risks of damaging the mobile either.