Android applications The best lock screen applications for AndroidWhen analyzing which applications we think ...

Android applications The best lock screen applications for AndroidWhen analyzing which applications we think …

When analyzing which are the applications that we believe that for different reasons should not be missing on our Android mobile devices, we have to talk specifically about some segments. For example, we consider that all our readers should have a screen lock application installed on their mobiles., in order to take better advantage of that initial screen.

Of course, we find by now that there are many interesting options when it comes to screen lock applications for Android, but not all of them are as good as the ones we will teach you. In the following lines, you will discover what for us are the best screen lock applications for mobile phones, those perfect for your Home screen.


The best Android lock screen apps

Next Locker (download)

Next Locker It is the first of the free screen lock applications that we think you should take into account, based on the security that the fact that it has been developed by Microsoft can offer us. Beyond that, we have to add later that it is one of the best designed from an aesthetic point of view, and in addition, it is learning from the use that we give it.

CM Locker (download)

We pass in the second instance to CM Locker, another of the best screen lock applications, one that in this case has been developed by Cheetah Mobile and is one of the most advanced in terms of personalization and security. For example, if someone tries to unlock the phone repeatedly and fails, in the case of a thief, the team will take a picture of him to identify him.

Solo Locker (download)

Locker only It is the third of the alternatives that we consider that can be taken into account by our readers when we talk about free screen lock, one with several available lock options, to tell the truth. From the screen lock, we must first point out that we can configure lock by PIN or pattern, and it also has several fully customizable sections.

Go Locker (download)

If none of the previous screen lock applications for the phone has finished convincing you, you should not lose sight of the fact that you have the possibility to install Go locker, neither more nor less than the option of the creators of Go Launcher. About this application we should point out that we can customize the lock screen with infinite customization options and available themes.

Hi Locker (download)

And we ended up neither more nor less than the hand of Hi LockerAlthough it does not have as much history as some of its rivals today, it is also one of the most complete, and the one that has recently won the most public. We can customize not only the lock message but also the clock and the way it looks, with endless options when it comes to selecting how to unlock the screen.