Desinstalar Hola Launcher

Android Applications How to Uninstall Hola Launcher on Android Many times we have mentioned that Android mobile devices have …

We have often mentioned that Android mobile devices have customization options well above most of their competitors in terms of environments for smart terminals such as smartphones. As well, one of the easiest ways to personalize an Android mobile device is by using the famous launchers or launchers, however you want to tell them.

In any case, There are many launchers that we can recommend to all those who want to customize each aspect of their equipment, although among the best it is essential to talk about Hola Launcher. Now, it is also possible that after using any of these customization apps, we get tired of them, and then it is time to try to uninstall Hola Launcher.

Like any other application that we have previously installed on our smartphone, There are not too many disadvantages when removing Hola Launcher, although we do have to consider certain basic questions. Hello Launcher, as a good launcher that it is, it affects most of the elements of the mobile in terms of software, so we must make sure to eliminate all its contents.

Removing Hola Launcher

As we said before, we always have to know that we have installed Hola Launcher or any other launcher, which is not the same as removing an application from the home screen than any other common application. What happens is that if we just drag its icon to the trash on the screen, we will be eliminating the icon, yes, but it will continue to work and all its contents installed on our computer.

So, First of all we have to make sure we delete all the contents of Hola Launcher, which does not take us too long to follow the classic route from Settings, Application Manager, and then choosing this application. Once we have found Hola Launcher, we will see that different options appear, the following: Force stop, Uninstall and Delete data, which we will use in all cases.

Uninstall Hola Launcher

In the first instance, we are going to select the Force stop option, to the extent that We will make Hola Launcher stop being the personalization layer running on the screen of our mobile. When we have finished with that step, we click on Delete data, and once those contents have been eliminated, only then do we have to go to the Uninstall the application option.

And of course, if we have decided to eliminate Hola Launcher, it is possible that we either want to determine as a set of personalization of the contents to the usual layer of our mobile, or why not, a new launcher. In either of the two cases, we have to follow the same procedure, because You have to touch the Home button, and then select which layer we prefer, in this case TouchWiz of a Samsung Galaxy.