Android applications How to remove factory Android applications without being rootWhen we talk about most of today's mobile phones, ...

Android applications How to remove factory Android applications without being rootWhen we talk about most of today’s mobile phones, …

When we talk about the majority of mobile phones today, no matter which company has made them, be it Samsung, LG or any other, you will find that many of them come with factory installed applications, some useful and others that users usually set aside. You have to consider that the problem is that In most versions of Android, we cannot remove the applications that are factory installed, so you have to look for some viable alternatives in these cases.

What happens, to be a little clearer, is that almost always these applications cannot be removed from the phone because they are blocked, so you have to know that the only alternative we have at hand is to look for an application that has been developed for this purpose. Only in this way can we delete the applications that are factory installed on our smartphones. For this reason, we recommend that you continue reading to get the answers you are surely looking for.

Now, you are probably wondering why we insist on the possibility of eliminating the applications that are installed by default on smartphones without rooting them, and in effect, this has to do specifically with the fact that in this way, we save ourselves an enormous amount of problems about. The truth is that if we root our phone, the most common problem that may arise is that we run out of its warranty, so we are going to show you the best alternative that exists in this regard.

Delete factory apps on Android

Well, the first thing to consider in this regard is that Application Remover is specifically the name of the application we need, and that we can download from this link without problems, since it is safe, free, and highly functional. One of the keys why we usually recommend this application has to do specifically with the fact that it also works with games that are installed in the system, so that you can eliminate any application you want to get rid of right now.

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Have you been able to remove factory Android apps without being root?