Android applications How to hide applications on Android In many homes, especially those where children live ...

Android applications How to hide applications on Android In many homes, especially those where children live …

In many homes, especially those in which young children live, we can find that we as adults, or someone else in the family, often share their smartphones with the youngest of the family to entertain themselves, watch their favorite videos and the rest. The problem is that on many occasions we can then expose ourselves to these little ones viewing inappropriate content, contents of sex, violence and others that they should not see, and that can cause different types of damage.

You must bear in mind, in any case, that fortunately not only Android has initial functions to block certain content in the eyes of the youngest of the family, but there are also some applications that have been specially developed for this type of situation. You have to think, in this regard, that within the Google Play Store there are several apps specially designed for parental control, as it’s called, and we’re going to highlight some of the best below.

Next we will teach you then many of which we consider the best apps to hide applications on Android, taking into account that most of them work without any problems in most of the terminals that run the Google operating system. None of these applications require root permissions, so any user in the world can use them without problems, so we go with all the details to take into account.

Applications to hide content on Android

Nova Launcher

We then begin to analyze some of what we consider the best applications to hide content on Android, with the help of Nova Launcher, about which it must be said that it will allow you to modify many more aspects of the operating environment of your device. Not only can you hide applications in just a second, but also change icons, animations, and many others. You can even choose if you want to hide the contents or if you just want to put an access code that does not allow the curious to access them.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is another popular option that includes the ability to hide applications, again one that falls within the launchers section instead of other types of applications. In his particular case, you have to especially consider that all you have to do is open the system from Settings, Hidden applications, to control a drawer that is out of sight of other users. Everything you put inside this drawer can be seen only by yourself, no one else will know it is there.


The app is worth mentioning AppLock and especially for many users, at least those with more advanced than average mobile devices, the AppLock version that comes with support for the classic fingerprint sensors, to maximize the security of the device. Thanks to this service you can block content such as snapshots, as well as others that you want no one else to see. It is an application that will show you a list of everything you have installed, so that you want what can be seen and what cannot.

Hide It Pro

And we ended up straight from the hand of Hide It Pro, another of those perfect applications for users who intend for no one else to see some of the content on their mobile. On this special occasion we believe that the best you can do is look directly at the secure section of the app, which can be accessed in just one second, and within which it is possible to place all hidden files, applications and others content that we want to keep out of sight of the most curious.

Which of these applications to hide content on Android do you like the most?