American vs oriental lifestyle

American vs oriental lifestyle

Nothing like a good infographic, not very objective but very funny to make a comparison of the American way of life (or more specifically American) vs the oriental way of life (or more specifically Japanese).

American vs Japanese lifestyle

Comparisons are hideous, but this one I found hilarious

I like how the Uncyclopedia (for those who do not know it, that is to say the humorous version of Wikipedia) defines in a very sarcastic way the American way of life, a very funny article indeed.

The American Lifestyle (American way of life in English) is what Americans call their way of living within the social culture of the United States. It is a collective thought about what they see as “ideal life.” The first amendment is a proclamation for the right to be freer than other countries, and the second is for the right to buy guns. As they say there, “God created men, guns made them equal”.