Alcatel Tutorial to flash Alcatel Pop C7The reasons you may have for wanting to flash your Alcatel Pop ...

Alcatel Tutorial to flash Alcatel Pop C7The reasons you may have for wanting to flash your Alcatel Pop …

The reasons you may have to love flash your Alcatel Pop C7 There can be many, such as a brick, that is in bootloop, even that some of the software is not working properly and you need to reinstall the firmware of the mobile.

In short, it is useful to know how to do this for everything, even to unlock the device when it is locked by Gmail account or pattern, etc. So with the following tutorial that in fact is suitable for people with fairly basic knowledge on the subject, you will be able to have your mobile flashed in a matter of twenty minutes at the most and in this way you will not have problems flashing it whenever you want.

Remember to follow the tutorial to the letter to avoid possible errors, also if you make a mistake it is not the death of anyone since it has a solution, everything has a solution. So that’s not why you have to be worrying too much either.

How to flash Alcatel Pop C7

Before continuing, you must activate USB debugging, which can be found in Settings> Developer options. In case you cannot find these options, you will have to unlock them, this is achieved in Settings> About device and then pressing several times in a row on Build number.

You have to have your mobile charged, even 70% of its total battery, to avoid power problems during the process. Besides that it is essential that you use the original USB cable to avoid any kind of errors.

Now you will have to download the USB drivers so that Windows recognizes the device, in turn also downloads Mobile Upgrade for PC which you will have to unzip.

Install the program that I mentioned above on your computer, now you must turn off the mobile and connect it to your computer.

Open the previously installed program

Flash Alcatel Pop C7

Press OK and you will see that a large list of all the models appears, you obviously have to look for your mobile which generally appears as Alcatel Pop C7 7040.

After selecting your model you simply have to go down and click where it says Next, here a warning box appears where it recommends that you charge the battery before continuing, something essential.

I will give you a few fairly simple instructions, you have to follow them to the letter in order to have the Smartphone flashed.