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Alcatel The best launchers for Alcatel 2020Android is a truly versatile operating system with endless …

Android is an operating system sincerely very versatile with a host of interesting features that steal the eyes of anyone and that is not only because of its functionalities but because of the basic tools that this system offers to make everyone’s life a little more bearable then, in customization terms, There is no other more competitive and versatile system, without a doubt this is the one that takes the crown and all the congratulations, so if you have an Alcatel device and are tired of its appearance, you can change it without any problem with the help of certain tools that facilitate customization available on Google play. This is where without a doubt we have to talk about launchers, these launchers are responsible for bringing functions that are basic for customization between wallpaper, screen saver, Menus, everything even icons, Themes among other things, if you are looking for a launcher that has good things like the ones we mentioned above you should keep reading because we will present a list that is not to be missed with the best launchers for Alcatel 2020.

launchers for Alcatel

LAunchers for Alcatel 2020

Holo launcher

It is a very good launcher, simple with a fairly light weight, and fast, the truth is very stable and it adapts to these Alcatel phones especially because these phones They do not aim at such a high range and their features are really few, we highly recommend this launcher because it largely contains a number of functionalities and themes that will change your perspective of what customization is.

Download here

Smart Launcher 3

It is a Recent version of this memorable launcher is a very stable one and also simple, with innovative features and as we have always said in our articles, the applications with more time on the market have more resources to be able to reinvent themselves and basically improve the user experience more, this is how it has themes for millions of resolutions and even on tablets, It behaves wonderfully, we recommend this launcher because if we had to give a name we would say it versatile due to its number of functions to customize the menus and themes.

Download here

Apus Launcher

Apus launcher is here to stay as the third in this list, one of the best fastest and favorite in 2015 and 2016 Many still happily use it because of how fast and easy it is, we highly recommend it here and we hope you download and enjoy it.

Download here

This was ours selection of launchers for Alcatel here we leave a decent amount with those that in our own opinion seem the best, fastest and lightest, however we are pleased to say that you can also recommend some in the comments and write your experience trying some of these incredible launchers to customize our mobile phones and tablets.