Instalación ROM con SP Flash Tool

Alcatel How to reinstall Stock ROM for Alcatel Pop C7 7040a When we think of the main smartphones that the people of Alcatel…

When we think about the main smartphones that the people of Alcatel have presented on the market in recent years, we can quickly come to the conclusion that some of them stand out above the rest, as is the case for example in the case of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a. On this special occasion the idea has to do precisely with analyzing one of the main tutorials related to the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a, which will teach all users to be able to install their Stock ROM at any time.

The first thing you have to keep in mind in these cases is that the Stock ROM of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a is nothing other than the operating system of the device in question with its modifications made by the manufacturer, that is, what we see as soon as we start an Alcatel Pop C7 7040a. To be more specific, we have to say that we are talking about the firmware update of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a using a tool like SP flash Tool, so we are going to teach you every detail about it.

Thanks to the installation of the Stock ROM of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a you will be able to solve many of the problems that have to do with certain lag or loops of this terminal, quickly and easily. In any case, there are a handful of previous recommendations that we think you should consider. The most important of them has to do, in any case, with deactivating the famous AdBlock extension, which will make some of the softwares that are necessary for this step by step bypassed.

Install Stock ROM Alcatel Pop C7 7040a

Considering all the previous elements that we have mentioned when installing the Stock ROM of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a, you have to consider that you are going to require a computer with Windows operating system, in addition to deactivating the AdBlock extension, as we said before. The following will be to use the original USB cable of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a to avoid problems, and then comes the download of the programs or softwares that are really important, in this case the following:

When you have downloaded the programs that we listed before, you have to create a new folder on the desktop and place them all inside it, extracting all the ZIP or RAR available. The first thing you have to do after that is install all the USB drivers for your Alcatel Pop C7 7040a. When you have finished with these steps, it is necessary that you connect your mobile device to the computer and look for the folder Drivers MT65xx, selecting your operating system and giving DriverInstall.exe. After that, you may need to restart your PC.

Later you have to disconnect the USB cable of your Alcatel Pop C7 7040a from the computer, and turn off the device. When you have restarted it, you must open the SP Flash Tool folder and look for flash_tool.exe, right-clicking on the executable, just to run it as administrator. From the main screen of SP Flash Tool, you must click on the scatter loading button and look for the file MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt inside the previously extracted Alcatel Pop C7 folder.

Finished the previous steps, you have to reconnect the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a to the computer, go to SP Flash Tool, and you have to click on the download button or download. Later you have to press the volume up and down buttons when prompted, until a red progress bar appears in the SP flash tool. Then a yellow bar should appear, and each time it does, you have to release the volume buttons, and wait for the prompt to continue.

If at any time you have received a BROM error message or similar, you have to know that it is nothing serious but part of the process of installing the Stock ROM of the Alcatel Pop C7 7040a so we are going to move on without paying much attention to it. It is important to consider that everything will be installed automatically once the USB drivers you need have been installed. Once everything is complete, you should see a green check mark that means the Stock ROM of your Alcatel Pop C7 7040a has been installed successfully.

If you have any questions about how to install the Stock ROM of your Alcatel Pop C7 7040a again, we only recommend that you follow the following detailed video: