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After smartphones, OnePlus announces that OnePlus TV is coming …

After years of working with smartphones and making big strides this year by launching a premium OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone, OnePlus is finally ready to enter the TV segment. CEO and co-founder Pete Lau led the OnePlus forums make the company’s new brand official OnePlus TV and they also explain the experience that the Chinese brand has reserved for its users.

Lau announced through a post that OnePlus TV will launch in September and also confirmed that it will arrive in India first. He also confirmed that OnePlus TV will launch in other markets like North America, Europe, and China, but the brand is currently in the process of blocking content providers in those markets.

OnePlus TV. Image: OnePlus

The CEO explained that launching a new product is not easy and that starting a project (like a TV) from scratch is quite difficult. It revealed that OnePlus has been working on OnePlus TV for the past two years and that the company would like to rely on its TV before moving to other markets.

OnePlus TV will be a premium product with a focus not only on picture and sound, but also on smart interconnectivity.

“Our goal is for OnePlus to set the standard for future smart TV products because we focus on every detail. For me, designing a television is much more than creating a high-quality screen. A television occupies a prominent place in a home, which means that its design is worth seeing even when the television is turned off, ”said Lau, noting that there is also a clear focus on television design.

OnePlus TV’s secret sauce will also be content. OnePlus has already spoken with content providers in India, and by post, many have voluntarily partnered with the Chinese tech brand.

When launched in India, OnePlus would be the second Chinese smartphone brand to move to another product segment after Xiaomi. As with most OnePlus products, the price of the OnePlus TV will be critical for a price sensitive market like India.

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