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Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 adds support for Panasonic P2

Panasonic P2 is a solid-state storage format for video production that eliminates tape from the workflow, reducing the time editors spend finding a specific scene and eliminating the need to digitize the footage on tape.

Since Adobe Premiere Pro does not transcode or rewrap the P2 format into another file format, editors shorten the video acquisition process and have the flexibility to edit the footage in the native MFX format. This not only helps to retain metadata information but also allows users to re-export P2 cards and allow playback via satellite uplink using Panasonic P2 equipment. Editors can freely mix other file formats within the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, combining content from different sources.

This compatibility update will be distributed free to all Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 customers for the next several weeks. Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 is currently available through authorized Adobe resellers and the Adobe Store at The estimated price for Adobe Premiere Pro is 849 Euros (excluding VAT) for the full version and 299 Euros (excluding VAT) for updates.