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Adobe MAX Europe: Thermo and Share

Share is Adobe’s online service, available in beta from the Adobe lab, that allows users to store a maximum capacity of 1GB in electronic documents to share with other users. Its main features include the possibility of creating a list that allows us to restrict access only to the desired users, as well as the ability to create a Flash preview that we can embed on any website.

Mark Anders during the Thermo demonstration

Thermo, still in early development, is the Adobe application that allows designers to create Flex applications directly from, for example, compositions previously made in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or FireWorks. In the product demonstration carried out by Mark Anders, vice president of engineering at Adobe, they have been able to verify some of its possibilities, such as starting from a Photoshop layer to convert it on the fly into an editable text field, extrapolate interaction elements to starting from other graphic elements of the composition and defining different states for each of them, such as rollover effects, transitions, etc. Additionally, each of the editing actions carried out using visual design tools are automatically translated into the corresponding code, resulting in a Flex application that can later be opened in the company’s Flex Builder development environment.

Additional information about Thermo can be found on the Adobe website