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Adobe MAX Europe – Opening Conference

The final part of the initial presentation has also served to present some touches of the next version of the Flash Player, whose code name is Astro. Among the improvements that we will see in the next version 10 of the product, it is worth highlighting the introduction of new improved text components that allow more efficient justification of text written in 16-bit Unicode languages, as well as new APIs for the application of graphic filters and effects. in 3-D that add very little weight to executables.

Among the improvements to Flex, whose latest beta version can now be downloaded from the Adobe website, it is worth highlighting the Profiler (a feature that allows you to measure the performance of the application code), and the code refactoring feature, among others.

Some interesting figures are the estimates offered by the company, which calculate around 90% the adoption of Flash technology for next year 2009, with 200 million mobile devices equipped with the capacity to reproduce this technology (among which there are no including Apple iPhone or iPod touch). It is also estimated that about 300,000 developers are currently using Flex technology actively.