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Adobe Announces AIR Beta Availability

New features in the beta version of Adobe AIR include an embedded local database, PDF support, improved capabilities for JavaScript developers, and tighter integration with Adobe Flex. The Adobe AIR beta version and the Adobe AIR Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) can be downloaded free of charge from the website

The key elements of Adobe AIR are its open source, which includes the HTML WebKit engine (the same as Apple’s Safari browser), the ActionScript â„¢ Virtual Machine (Tamarin project), and the local SQLite database functionality. . Additionally, Adobe recently announced its intention to provide Adobe Flex in open source.

AIR Developer Contest

Adobe today officially opens the Adobe AIR Developer Derby Contest (, a contest in which creative applications can be showcased. Adobe will award prizes in five categories and a grand prize for the best general application. The winners will be announced at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference (, the event for developers and designers that will take place on October 15 in Barcelona.

Available for free at Adobe Labs

The beta version of the Adobe AIR application runtime and the Adobe AIR software development kit (SDK) are now available for free download from Adobe Labs at Adobe AIR and the Adobe AIR Software Development Kit are available in English and can be run on Mac and PC. In the future there will be versions for Linux and also in other languages.