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Acorn Image Editor

According to Flying Meat, Acorn is designed under simplicity. It allows you to take screenshots, chain multiple image filters, perform layer-based editing, create new layers and images using the iSight camera, modify the canvas and image size, perform editing operations using graphics tablets, manipulate vector figures and text layers, use different magic wand settings (rectangular, “magic”, elliptical, and free-form), and so on.

Acorn also uses a plug-in architecture that can be used to develop new functions written in Python or Objective-C. Acorn also uses the GPU in modern Macs for graphics operations, so the faster the Mac’s graphics system, the higher the application performance.

The license price of $ 39.95 is an introductory price for the product, according to the developer.

Acorn requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and is available as a Universal binary.