A Geek In Colombia Has a New Look

A Geek In Colombia Has a New Look

As you can see today, I am releasing a new look for the page. This is because I was a bit dissatisfied with the previous design I had, so I took on the task of looking for one that best suited my needs, and after an extensive search and a period of experimentation with different alternatives, I implemented the current style. I hope you like it a lot and comment. This scheme seems more minimalist, clean and easy to use.

I have reorganized the side menus to contain the most visited articles, the latest entries and comments, as well as the most used tags to be able to find articles that catch your attention more easily.

Likewise, they advised me a little on the design of the logo of the page that I even think I can work on a little more, but I did not want to delay this any longer so I published it in its current state.

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Old Look of a Geek in Colombia

From this experience I have learned a lot about WordPress style templates and the occasional customization technique, so it is possible that in the days that follow I will publish a tutorial on how to make your own design change without causing your readers to suffer in the process. .