A can of soda goes to the moon

A can of soda goes to the moon

Perhaps many of us once dreamed of going into space and visiting the moon, but I don’t think it occurred to any of us that a soda can did this spacewalk before us. Well, the Japanese company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. recognized in Japan for having the popular energy drink Pocari sweat he intends to land a can of his famous soft drink on the moon.

This is what will be the first commercial on the moon. The company intends to deliver a capsule called Dream, which will contain a can of the drink and audio messages recorded on 120 optical discs with wishes for the future of many children. This capsule is going to land thanks to the company Astroscale, which was hired by the soft drink company to get its message to the moon in late 2015 (possibly October).

Pocari Sweat's Time Capsule

Pocari Sweat’s Time Capsule

The company hopes that this time capsule left on the moon will be found in the not too distant future by one of the children who recorded the messages.

If the feat is successfully completed next year, 2 unprecedented actions would be taking place. on the one hand It would be the first unmanned trip to the moon, carried out by private companies and without funding from any government, and on the other hand, the first marketing campaign on the moon would be taking place. It should be clarified that what could be the first marketing campaign in the space (if another was not carried out before) was already carried out in 2012 at the hands of Rovio, when he promoted his mobile game Angry Birds Space from the international space station.

prototype of the ship that will carry the dream capsule

prototype of the ship that will carry the capsule